Discovering the streets of NYC

Photographer Gabriel Munhoz has found a new sense of freedom with his photographic practice since moving to New York City for the Doc and Visual Journalism Program, engaging more intimately with the streets and putting his lens towards the faces and places where light and beauty take center stage. 
I like the freedom to create narratives within the frame that street photography allows. They are documents of the unfolding life, but it’s a looser approach compared to documentary photography. 
Back in Brazil, it wasn’t safe to carry my camera on the streets all the time. Here in NYC I feel safe enough to be photographing my surroundings while I navigate through the city. So the street photos end up being, not only snaps of the city, but also a type of a diary of my time here.” 010_Munhoz_Docit014_Munhoz_DocitMunhoz_140104_1208_MasterMunhoz_171219_6324Munhoz_170916_1044Munhoz_171229_2787011_Munhoz_Docit004_Munhoz_DocitMunhoz_171021_5345Munhoz_140104_1196

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