Deadpan Photography

What is it exactly? An assignment given in Portrayal Class by Alice O’mally tried to answer this question:

Deadpan photograph is devoid of emotion. It simply exists as a subject and photograph, yet it seems to be empty. There is no joy or sorrow, although some can argue that the deadpan itself is a mood of its own. Famous photographers who use this aesthetic seem to be completely detached from the subject that they are photographing, and the word ‘indifference’ seems to describe the photograph perfectly.

20180128_Cederlund_3By Eric Cederlund.

KNS_180131-2587By Kanishka Sonthalia.

1 019By Amit Elkayam.

By Sharon Pulwer

20180131_Cruz-03By Federico Cruz.

20180124_Fernandez_2.jpgBy Olivia Fernandez.

20180130__MG_0007_Abigail_MontesBy Abigail Montes.

20180131_Hull_01By Dylan Hull.

Deitch_180130_0016By Eva Deitch.

bang20180119 007By Roban Wang.

Gabriel_dead_pan1By Gabriel Munhoz.


By Natalia Rivera.

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