Pictures of the Week November 7, 2014

PJ students at ICP shoot a variety of different themes for the weekly “Picture Making on the Street” course. This course has students submit a selection of images every week for a group critique lead by each respective instructor.


Halloween Halloween in NYC/Barbara Gracner


POW-2 New York City’s Religions/Elena Hermosa


subway 003 Subway/Moth Dust


POW-4 New York City’s Religions/Andrea Cattaneo


POW-5 New York City’s Religions/David Steinberg


POW-6 New York City’s Religions/Elena Hermosa


POW-7 New York City’s Religions/Moth Dust


New York's Religions New York City’s Religions/Beatriz Arango Garcia


POW-9 New York City’s Religions/Sara Frisby


POW-10 La Rumba/Sara Frisby


SUBWAY Subway/Shih-Chieh Wei


POW-12 Subway/Andrea Cattaneo


SUBWAY Subway/Shih-Chieh Wei


POW-14 POW-15
  Halloween/Yolande Daeninck


POW-16 Parkour on Staten Island/Gareth Smit


Author: garethsmit1

Curator, ICP PJ Blog

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