Pictures of the Week November 7, 2014

PJ students at ICP shoot a variety of different themes for the weekly “Picture Making on the Street” course. This course has students submit a selection of images every week for a group critique lead by each respective instructor.


Halloween Halloween in NYC/Barbara Gracner


POW-2 New York City’s Religions/Elena Hermosa


subway 003 Subway/Moth Dust


POW-4 New York City’s Religions/Andrea Cattaneo


POW-5 New York City’s Religions/David Steinberg


POW-6 New York City’s Religions/Elena Hermosa


POW-7 New York City’s Religions/Moth Dust


New York's Religions New York City’s Religions/Beatriz Arango Garcia


POW-9 New York City’s Religions/Sara Frisby


POW-10 La Rumba/Sara Frisby


SUBWAY Subway/Shih-Chieh Wei


POW-12 Subway/Andrea Cattaneo


SUBWAY Subway/Shih-Chieh Wei


POW-14 POW-15
  Halloween/Yolande Daeninck


POW-16 Parkour on Staten Island/Gareth Smit


One Month of Classes

After one month of classes at the International Centre of Photography, students in the Documentary Photography and Photojournalism program reflect upon the first few weeks in the best way we know how – through pictures.

1Month ICP-1 Always with the cameras, students sit outside ICP, Grace Plaza/Sara Frisby

1Month ICP-2 Black and White Photography instructor Jay Manis with ICP PJ students in the labs/Sara Frisby

1Month ICP-3 During a rare occurrence of downtime, ICP students hang out in the student lounge/Sara Frisby


1Month ICP-4Timothy Fadeck presents one of Jim Nachtwey’s images during a weekly Picture Making course/Sara Frisby


1Month ICP-5 We are still here. One month of classes at ICP/Sara Frisby


1Month ICP-6 First month of classes at ICP/Sara Frisby


1Month ICP-8 Weekly picture critique/Sara Frisby


ICP one month, Labs
Lab fashion show/Elena Hermosa


ICP one month, Eugene Richard awardsICP PJ contingent representing at the annual W. Eugene Smith awards at SVA/Elena Hermosa


ICP one month, lighting class Esteban Kuriel, posing for yet another flash demonstration/Elena Hermosa


sidelight fun
Those side-lit Beatles/Shih-Chieh Wei


1Month ICP-14 Story time with Nelson Bakerman/Sara Frisby


1Month ICP-15Monsters and mayhem in Nelson Bakerman’s flash class/Natasha Srour


Naomi Harris (’98) Featured on Slate

From Slate:

For Naomi Harris, 16 years of living in New York City was long enough. “I don’t actually know where I belong anymore,” Harris said with a laugh while traveling in Oregon. “I know I don’t want to be in New York. It’s loud and expensive, I go to bed by 10 at night, and I get up early and walk my dog. Why am I in the city that never sleeps?”

A couple of years ago, Harris spent four months traveling around her native country for a series titled “Oh, Canada.” The self-described lover of puns (she is working on a similar project in the United States titled “U.S. of Eh!”) said documenting and traveling throughout Canada wasn’t as tricky as the United States. “Canada definitely is easier than the U.S. as far as figuring out going from west to east or east to west,” she said. “In the U.S. you have to pick a region and focus on that area, but for me Canada is so much easier because you have 10 provinces, and if you drive from coast to coast, you’ll hit all of them, so that made it a heck of a lot easier.”