Large Format…Good for the Soul.

Ulysses enjoys a glass of wine at Juniors restaurant in Downtown, Brooklyn. © Cassandra Giraldo

This semester has proven itself to be, once again, a source of constant anxiety and pressure. I look around at school, and everyone looks like they’re on the verge of having an ulcer. No smiles in sight really. I decided to take up the large format class this semester because I was tired of watching as other students merrily made prints in the dark room and fooled around with the awesome analogue equipment in the cage.  I wanted to join in on the fun, and so large format, while a daunting and laborious process, was actually a gift to myself.  I was pleased to discover that the slow, cumbersome, methodical process of large format was a therapeutic one, and that all of the sudden, my eyes were seeing more than they had in a while, that people seemed endlessly more interesting, and that my fear of approaching strangers completely dissipated. This whole new way of seeing has completely changed the way I approach my small camera work and I really feel liberated. I think it’s important that we all give ourselves a break once and a while. Let go for just a second, give yourself an assignment/personal project, and shoot it with a camera you’ve always dreamed of taking out of the cage.

-Cassie G.

4 thoughts on “Large Format…Good for the Soul.”

  1. I’m gonna take up your advice Cassie. Hope the therapy works for me as well, because I’m having troubles in my attempt to recall the enthusiasm of the first days, that right now seems lost, or hidden.
    And even more important, to start again to enjoy talking with strangers, eating a bit of someone else life.
    Let’s see what happens.

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