Film is Beautiful.

Over the President’s Day weekend, I flew to South Florida to see relatives and touch the sun. I left the DSLR at home. I took a ziploc bag full of color film and a Leica. It was a big step.

I’m a digital shooter. I go fast. I have a big Nikon camera that I stick in people’s faces and click click click. No remorse for missing the exposure. You can save almost anything in Photoshop. I do it all the time. I shouldn’t.

Maybe I would have taken these exact same images with a digital camera. Maybe not. Just one weekend, too early to tell. I do know that it was a blast. It slowed me down and made me think. I was sneaky. Quieter. More like the photographer I want to be. And the pictures have such a look to them.

That said, this was an expensive experiment. How long will this medium last? Digital is so incredibly forgiving, and the technology improves every year. Yet there are still teachers, TAs, and fellow students out there shooting their projects with Leicas and Mamiyas. They are in the DML right now, scanning their negatives in a laborious process on a computer that they reserved weeks in advance. Such dedication.

This is such a bad time to discover the beauty of film!

I put more up on my blog.


One thought on “Film is Beautiful.”

  1. It’s a great time to discover the beauty of film! In this digital world where we turn to technology to let us off the hook and to pad our process of creativity and self discovery there could be no better time. Just enjoy it when you can.

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