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As my final project is making excruciatingly slow progress, I’ve been forced to explore other avenues so naturally I’ve been shooting my family for the past week.  I live on Long Island and commute to ICP each day- about 3 hours each day.  Combined with the time spent at school I’m never home besides for dinner and sleep, and occasionally a weekend night.  It’s really only in it’s beginning stages and I’m not exactly sure where the project could or will end up.  I’ve learned to shoot first and ask questions later.

Author: Johnny Milano

"The truth is the best photograph, the best propaganda."

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  1. Man, I think this is one of the hardest challenges as a photographer. More than in other kinds of projects your life is part of what you’re shooting, and you have to confront the images you’re taking with ones of your your family you’ve built-in in your mind.
    Hope to see more of this, also if the other project will start flowing again. I really like what you’ve photographed so far.

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