Thoughts on a Thursday night..

We photograph to express ourselves. We photograph to show other people how we see the world. I guess, we photograph because of the experiences that follow when we are out there in the world as well. But we also photograph to be recognized. To show that we are damn good at this. This is what we can and will do.

Since ICP started to kick our asses I’ve been trying to define what is that drives me out there with the camera. Even though I hate thinking and talking about the future, I gotta admit that my thoughts have been around what I actually want to do with photography. I know that it gives me something every single time I am out there. I so clearly feel how much more I am living when I am photographing. I feel energized..

But.. what is the dream? Keep on documenting life? For what purpose? Money? Recognition? For my self or for those I am photographing? For a newspaper or a magazine? For a gallery? Am I even a journalist or just a photographer? Am I even able to produce photographs for other people? Maybe I should not work with photography, just keep it as a part of my life, but do something else for my living?

You will not get any answers only questions. Well I am only 20 years old, so I will let you older guys think those thoughts. But what I can give you is a photograph.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on a Thursday night..”

  1. Great words Mads. I think that as long as you don’t have those answers you’re going to be happy, and produce amazing work. I bet all those questions are the answer. The key, and the engine that make you feel the way you, and me and think most of us do, when we go out with our cameras and just capture the life around us.

  2. just a short remark on what you wrote… is it actually important to answer the questions.. i know why you ask yourself that but would you take more or less images if you know it…i am sure you know the answer anyway…

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