Picture Making “News” assignment posted on PBS.org

Board of Elections trains Seniors on new voting methods

Hi guys,

Our assignment for picture making in these last couple weeks was to cover a News event. Quite a challenging assignment – to find one in the first place – then make decent pictures of the event. (I actually tried this assignment once already and failed pretty badly… but learned a lot).

With the election coming up and all the hullabaloo around the new voting machines (there were “missteps” on primary day and the executive director of the Board of Elections was fired), I investigated and found BOE outreach events so that (presumably) election day goes much more smoothly. I attended one such event at the Open Door Senior Center in Chinatown where BOE officials were teaching Seniors the new method of voting.

My friend, Sherry Mazzocchi, is a journalism intern at “Need to Know” on PBS / Channel 13. I proposed that they use my photos (what do you say “on spec”?) since the election and the new voting machines are so newsworthy. She loved the idea (and the photos), ran it by her web editor, and soon enough, we teamed up. She and I worked together on the article and my pictures ran along side: http://www.pbs.org/wnet/need-to-know/the-daily-need/learning-to-vote-all-over-again/4798/


5 thoughts on “Picture Making “News” assignment posted on PBS.org”

  1. Election is not an easy thing to shoot, it’s usually prett boring. But you did a good job, nice picture, touch of humor that makes my asian elder fellows so cute…

  2. Great Job nicole and quick thinking as well…great picture, funny and smart. let’s hope all the polling places are that busy!

  3. What a great idea! Congratulations!
    I think it was really clever to ask a friend journalist to use your photos. I like very much the one on the post. I think is has a good composition, it’s descriptive and even funny.
    Nice job!

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