Pictures of the Week February 2, 2015

PJ students at ICP shoot a variety of different themes for the weekly courses. Many students attended January Workshops during the winter break, below are some pictures made during this time.

1Jeff Jacobson Workshop-7-Jeff Jacobson Workshop/Khadim Baluch


2sara frisby-jeff jacobson workshop-1-Jeff Jacobson Workshop/Sara Frisby


3sara frisby-jeff jacobson workshop-3-Jeff Jacobson Workshop/Sara Frisby


4Jeff Jacobson Workshop-2-Jeff Jacobson Workshop/Khadim Baluch


Ines (in Vienna)Ines (in Vienna)/Yolande Daeninck


6PC_02- 7PC_01-

Priyanka Chharia


8January 04, 2015_california_año_nuevo_113-Barbara Gracner


Dan photographed by Natasha Srour during the Harvey Stein lighting workshopDan photographed during the Harvey Stein lighting workshop” /Natasha Srour


10blogwintwrbreak (2 of 3)-/Griselda San Martin


11_D7A8690-2- Shelby Lee Adams/Barbara Gracner


13Bhattacharya_Shelby4_22012015- 14Shelby Lee Adams Workshop-1-

Grand Central portraits for Shelby Lee Adams/Soumita Bhattacharya/Khadim Baluch


15sara frisby-during the break-3- Winter Break/ Sara Frisby

16January 22, 2015_shelby_lee_adams_workshop_barbara_gracner_137- Portrait in Grand Central Station for Shelby LeeAdams/Barbara Gracner


17January 01, 2015_california_san_diego_safari_491-California San Diago Safari/Barbara Gracner


emma 010  emma 013

emma 011   emma 001
Winter Break/Alexandra Madden


1820150122-Shelby Lee1 017-1920150122-Shelby Lee1 012-
Studio Portraits with Shelby Lee Adams/Mikael Krantz


E_Hermosa_1 New York 14 Studio Portraits with Shelby Lee Adams/Elena Hermosa/Gareth Smit