Weekly Pics

Yasmeen Kassim is a teacher at Al Farooq Mosque in Brooklyn, New York. Having emigrated to the U.S. a few years ago from Yemen, she is working hard to try to continue life as normal in a new place. She’ll be getting married in June and is finishing up her bachelor’s degree. She’s incredibly active in her community and is responsible for leading many of the activities the community enjoys. Photo by Liz Sanders
A table is decorated at the Muslim American Society’s Youth Center for an all-girls Prom in Brooklyn’s neighborhood of Bensonhurst. Because many Muslim communities have stricter societal rules regarding the social mixing of men and women, the all-girls prom is a chance for Muslim teenage girls to enjoy an American cultural event just like their peers, without having to compromise their cultural and religious beliefs. Photo by Liz Sanders
Sarah Alsilwi tries on one of her dad’s hats in her family’s living room in the Bronx, New York. Sarah finished high school a year early and is already finishing up her first year of college studying Engineering. Having been born in New York, she took her first trip to Yemen last summer with her sister, against her parents wishes. Seeing the country suffering from war was a shock for Sarah, and she came home with new found pride in her heritage. She has since began work with her local mosque and non profits to raise awareness of the worsening situation in Yemen. Photo by Liz Sanders
Venice Canals, 04.02.2017.
Photo by Vanessa Ritchie
Aftermath: a bus gets bogged at Antelope Canyon, AZ. 04.06.2017.
Photo by Vanessa Ritchie
Photo by Vanessa Ritchie

From Stranger to Intimate Portraits

During Andrew Lichtenstein’s workshop From Stranger to Intimate, we try to come closer and make photographs of strangers .

September 11, 2016 – New York, USA: Pat a resident of New York City poses for a portrait in Bryant Park. Photo by Todd R Darling
Torin , the East Village Cowboy .
Torin reads a Bruce Springsteen book walking in Tompkins Square Park on a rainy Sunday. Photo by Gabriele Griseri
Photo by Ana Luisa Matos
September 11, 2016 – New York, USA: JieJie (21) a fashion designer from Beijing is in New York for fashion week. She poses for a portrait in Bryant Park. Photo by Todd R Darling
Photo by Camille Le Falher-Payat
Photo by Jazmin Chase
Ray is a homeless man. I met him near Times Square. Photo by Kinuko Esther Asano
Photo by Mandira Bahl
Photo by Yifan Huang