New York Subway Musicians

Each year, hundreds of musicians flock to the MTA Music Under New York program to become officially sanctioned New York City subway musicians. This year, MTA MUSIC received 309 applications with audio samples and selected 82 finalists to audition. The MTA Arts and Design program, which started in 1985, aims to find the best subway performance groups to enhance New Yorkers’ commutes.

Diego Oliver, a student of the Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism program, brings us images of a few of these musicians who make our commute, memorable.


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Pictures of the Week October 10, 2014

PJ students at ICP shoot a variety of different themes for the weekly “Picture Making on the Street” course. This course sees students submitting a selection of images every week for a group critique lead by each respective instructor.


Baluch-Subway-7425NYC Subway/Khadim Baluch

cattaneo_solitude_141006_3Solitude/Andrea Cattaneo


gracner_water_141007_3A man smokes a cigar next to a fish stand at New Fulton Fish Market. Water/Barbara Gracner

Man cutting yellowfin tuna at the New Fulton Fish Market.

Man cutting yellowfin tuna at the New Fulton Fish Market. Water/ Barbara Gracner


SMIT_Solitude_DSC_0246Solitude/Gareth Smit


Baluch-Subway-6465NYC Subway/Khadim Baluch


Fairway Market, Red Hook, BrooklynFairway Market, Red Hook, Brooklyn. Water/Natasha Srour

Edward Castillo and Richard Alvez, Red Hook, Brooklyn

Edward Castillo and Richard Alvez, Red Hook, Brooklyn. Water/Natasha Srour


cattaneo_solitude_141006_1Solitude/Andrea Cattaneo


Smit_Solitude_DSC_0259Solitude/Gareth Smit


SubwayNYC Subway/ Khadim Baluch



Smit_Solitude_DSC_0209Solitude/Gareth Smit


cattaneo_solitude141006_2Solitude/Andrea Cattaneo