Pictures of the Week February 2, 2015

PJ students at ICP shoot a variety of different themes for the weekly courses. Many students attended January Workshops during the winter break, below are some pictures made during this time.

1Jeff Jacobson Workshop-7-Jeff Jacobson Workshop/Khadim Baluch


2sara frisby-jeff jacobson workshop-1-Jeff Jacobson Workshop/Sara Frisby


3sara frisby-jeff jacobson workshop-3-Jeff Jacobson Workshop/Sara Frisby


4Jeff Jacobson Workshop-2-Jeff Jacobson Workshop/Khadim Baluch


Ines (in Vienna)Ines (in Vienna)/Yolande Daeninck


6PC_02- 7PC_01-

Priyanka Chharia


8January 04, 2015_california_año_nuevo_113-Barbara Gracner


Dan photographed by Natasha Srour during the Harvey Stein lighting workshopDan photographed during the Harvey Stein lighting workshop” /Natasha Srour


10blogwintwrbreak (2 of 3)-/Griselda San Martin


11_D7A8690-2- Shelby Lee Adams/Barbara Gracner


13Bhattacharya_Shelby4_22012015- 14Shelby Lee Adams Workshop-1-

Grand Central portraits for Shelby Lee Adams/Soumita Bhattacharya/Khadim Baluch


15sara frisby-during the break-3- Winter Break/ Sara Frisby

16January 22, 2015_shelby_lee_adams_workshop_barbara_gracner_137- Portrait in Grand Central Station for Shelby LeeAdams/Barbara Gracner


17January 01, 2015_california_san_diego_safari_491-California San Diago Safari/Barbara Gracner


emma 010  emma 013

emma 011   emma 001
Winter Break/Alexandra Madden


1820150122-Shelby Lee1 017-1920150122-Shelby Lee1 012-
Studio Portraits with Shelby Lee Adams/Mikael Krantz


E_Hermosa_1 New York 14 Studio Portraits with Shelby Lee Adams/Elena Hermosa/Gareth Smit


Pictures of the Week December 7, 2014

PJ students at ICP shoot a variety of different themes for the weekly “Picture Making on the Street” course. This course has students submit a selection of images every week for a group critique lead by each respective instructor.


1_Chad-Harlem-6Harlem/Khadim Baluch

2_Chad-Harlem-2Harlem/Khadim Baluch

3_Chad-Harlem-1Harlem/Khadim Baluch/em>

4_Chad-Harlem-8  5_Chad-Harlem-9Harlem/Khadim Baluch

6_E_Hermosa_GrowingupinNYC1Growing up in NYC/Elena Hermosa

7_E_Hermosa_GrowingupinNYC3Growing up in NYC/Elena Hermosa

Growing Up in NYGrowing up in NYC/Sophia Guida

Harlem 001Harlem/Alexandra Madden

harlem 001Harlem/Alexandra Madden

Harlem1 007Harlem/Alexandra Madden

harlem2 005Harlem/Alexandra Madden

13_madden_portrait-1Harlem/Alexandra Madden

14_Mikael_Harlem-1 15_Mikael_Harlem-3Harlem/Mikael Krantz

16_Mikael_Harlem-5  18_Mikael_Harlem-8Harlem/Mikael Krantz

17_Mikael_Harlem-7Harlem/Mikael Krantz

Teen1 009Growing up in NYC/David Steinberg

teen2 015 Growing up in NYC/David Steinberg

Flash Class

Flash Assignment/Shih-Chieh Wei

Flash ClassFlash Class on the street/Shih-Chieh Wei

Flash ClassJeff Mermelstein Speaking to ICP PJ students in Nelson Bakerman’s Flash Class/Shih-Chieh Wei

24_Winograd_Harlem-01   25_Winograd_Harlem-02Harlem/Miguel Winograd

26_Daeninck_Thanksgiving_141127_02Thanksgiving Parade/Yolande Daeninck

27_n3Camila Svenson

28_neighborhood_camilasvenson-13 Neighbourhood/Camila Svenson

29_William&Carola-12 William & Carola/Camila Svenson

Why ICP?

Statue of Liberty, on Liberty Island in New York, as seen from Red Hook, Brooklyn.
Statue of Liberty, on Liberty Island in New York, as seen from Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Last night, I took a call from a woman in California who had been accepted to the International Center of Photography. She was trying to decide whether she should go for it. She asked me, “is it worth it?”

I was in her position exactly one year ago to the day. It was April 12th, 2010, my birthday. At 8am I went to my government job and gave my two-weeks notice. That afternoon, I returned home to the letter from the ICP accepting my application for the 2010-2011 school year. In the evening we had a birthday BBQ in the backyard.

Until that day, the prospect of moving had been mostly theoretical. It was suddenly real. The tuition alone was a lot of money. Moving cities is hard. And I’d have to stop working for a year, too. It was a big choice. Some people said I should take my money and travel the world. Others questioned why I would want to move from Ottawa at all (although they were very few, and only halfheartedly asked). Most people, though, told me to go, if this was what I really wanted. The decision was complicated by having already been to photography school, not that long ago. I graduated from Algonquin College in 2007 with a diploma in commercial photography. It was a good school, highly technical, and demanding. But I always wanted more. I wanted more from life, more from my city. Most of all, I wanted more from myself.

Midtown Manhattan as seen from the Pulaski Bridge
Midtown Manhattan as seen from the Pulaski Bridge between Brooklyn and Queens, New York

I said yes. I accepted because I wanted to grow, to move up a level, to be truly tested. I wanted to train with the best, to learn how to tell stories from the leaders in photojournalism and documentary photography. In some ways, it was an easy choice. ICP was the only place I had applied and the only place really wanted to go. I said yes to myself.

Life isn’t easy here. School is definitely not easy. There is a lot I miss about my life back home. I miss my family. But, for all the homesickness and frustration of living in New York, it has been worth it so far.

This year is a gift. It is a dream. It is an incredible privilege to spend a year completely focused on my craft. It is amazing to be surrounded by smart and engaged students. The teachers at ICP who I’ve connected with have made an impact on me that will resonate for the rest of my life. ICP was the push I needed, and the push I didn’t know I needed. I’ve grown as an artist and a human. I’ve really jumped off the deep end.

There are ten weeks left in the school year. I want this freedom to go on forever.

This post was originally published at Being There by Jackson Couse.