#ICPResponse: Eric Garner Protests in NYC

Thousands of New Yorkers gathered at various points in Manhattan and Brooklyn on Wednesday and Thursday December 3rd and 4th to march in protest against a December 3rd Staten Island Grand Jury decision not to indict an NYPD police officer for the death of unarmed Eric Garner. During Garner’s arrest in July 2014, NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo was captured on film holding Garner in a chokehold after he repeatedly said: “I can’t breathe”. These words have now become the mantra of protestors across the country following a similar grand jury decision in Ferguson last month not to indict the police offer who killed unarmed teenager Michael Brown.

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One week before the decision in the Eric Garner case, demonstrators gather in Harlem to protest the decision to indict the police officer in the Michael Brown case.


1_Winograd_FergusonProtest-1 2_Winograd_FergusonProtest-43_Winograd_FergusonProtest-2Miguel Winograd


December 3rd, 2014. Protests erupt in various parts of the city following a Staten Island grand jury decision not to indict an NYPD police officer for the death of Eric Garner who died after being held in a chokehold by the officer during his arrest. A ‘die-in’ took place at Grand Central station, and hundreds marched up sixth avenue and headed west, ultimately blocking the west side highway into the early hours of the morning.

New York 14Protestors gather outside Grand Central Station on 43rd street/Gareth Smit

5_blacklivesmatter (1 of 6)Griselda San Martin

6_blacklivesmatter (2 of 6)Griselda San Martin

New York 14Demonstrators form a line to block traffic near Columbus Circle/Gareth Smit

New York 14Gareth Smit

New York 14Gareth Smit

New York 14NYPD police officers are surrounded by demonstrators blocking traffic on the West End Highway/Gareth Smit

New York 14NYPD officers arrest demonstrators blocking the West End Highway/Gareth Smit

December 4th, 2014. Thousands of New Yorkers meet at various locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn to march in protest against the decision not to indict Daniel Pantaleo, the NYPD officer accused of using a chokehold during his arrest that would eventually result in Eric Garner’s death. In Brooklyn, protestors blocked both the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges. By 6:30pm, a huge crowd had gathered at Foley Square and headed northwards toward Times Square, once again blocking the west end highway.

12_Hermosa_ErickGarner-12Elena Hermosa

13_Bhattacharya_Foleysquare-14Soumita Bhattacharya

14_Bhattacharya_FoleySquare-3Soumita Bhattacharya


Soumita Bhattacharya

16_Eric Garner-6317Thousands gather at Foley Square/Gareth Smit

17_Hermosa_ErickGarner-52Elena Hermosa

18_EricGardner-12Khadim Baluch

19_blacklivesmatter (4 of 6)Griselda San Martin

20_EricGardner-2Khadim Baluch

21_protest2_-3Andrea Cattaneo

28_andreacattaneo_04122014_protest001Andrea Cattaneo

27_protest2_-51Andrea Cattaneo

26_protest2_-29Andrea Cattaneo

25_protest2_-15Andrea Cattaneo

24_protest2_-39 23_protest2_-7
Andrea Cattaneo

22_protest2_-24Andrea Cattaneo

29_Guida_protest_141204cSophia Guida

Yolande Daeninck

Khadim Baluch

32_Eric Garner-6378 Passengers sit and wait in a stationary bus on Broadway avenue as protestors bring traffic to a standstill/Gareth Smit

33_Eric Garner-6417Protestors conduct a “die-in” by lying down on the road blocking a major intersection on Canal street/Gareth Smit

34_EricGardner-15 A gesture that has become an icon of the protests in Furgeson, a woman in New York raises her hands in a demonstration of surrender/Khadim Baluch

35_EricGardner-16Khadim Baluch

38_Moth_Dust-12 Protestors throw trash in the middle of the street, throw bottles, and knock over trash cans after the police used the LRAD system to scatter the crowds. 2:41AM, December 4th, 2014/Moth Dust

40_Moth_Dust-6A woman yells and stands in front of a moped after a policeman tries to push forward and drive through part of the Eric Garner protest. NYC, December 4th, 2014/Moth Dust

39_Moth_Dust-11Two protestors yell “I can’t breathe” to a police officer after being prevented from marching onwards. December 4th, 2014/Moth Dust

42_Eric Garner-6504A protestor beckons fellow demonstrators blocking traffic on the West Side Highway/Gareth Smit

43_Moth_Dust-5A police officer pushes protestors out of the street on the West Side Highway. December 4th, 2014/Moth Dust

44_Eric Garner-6656 Clutching a baton, an NYPD police officer is ridiculed by protestors on the West Side Highway/Gareth Smit

45_Eric Garner-6679A demonstrator is arrested by NYPD officers on the West Side Highway/Gareth Smit

46_Moth_Dust-3 Student protestors gather on the West Side Highway, yelling “Hands up, don’t shoot.” December 4th, 2014/Moth Dust

47_Eric Garner-6689 A man reads the bible to NYPD officers on the West Side Highway/Gareth Smit