Pictures of the Week December 7, 2014

PJ students at ICP shoot a variety of different themes for the weekly “Picture Making on the Street” course. This course has students submit a selection of images every week for a group critique lead by each respective instructor.


1_Chad-Harlem-6Harlem/Khadim Baluch

2_Chad-Harlem-2Harlem/Khadim Baluch

3_Chad-Harlem-1Harlem/Khadim Baluch/em>

4_Chad-Harlem-8  5_Chad-Harlem-9Harlem/Khadim Baluch

6_E_Hermosa_GrowingupinNYC1Growing up in NYC/Elena Hermosa

7_E_Hermosa_GrowingupinNYC3Growing up in NYC/Elena Hermosa

Growing Up in NYGrowing up in NYC/Sophia Guida

Harlem 001Harlem/Alexandra Madden

harlem 001Harlem/Alexandra Madden

Harlem1 007Harlem/Alexandra Madden

harlem2 005Harlem/Alexandra Madden

13_madden_portrait-1Harlem/Alexandra Madden

14_Mikael_Harlem-1 15_Mikael_Harlem-3Harlem/Mikael Krantz

16_Mikael_Harlem-5  18_Mikael_Harlem-8Harlem/Mikael Krantz

17_Mikael_Harlem-7Harlem/Mikael Krantz

Teen1 009Growing up in NYC/David Steinberg

teen2 015 Growing up in NYC/David Steinberg

Flash Class

Flash Assignment/Shih-Chieh Wei

Flash ClassFlash Class on the street/Shih-Chieh Wei

Flash ClassJeff Mermelstein Speaking to ICP PJ students in Nelson Bakerman’s Flash Class/Shih-Chieh Wei

24_Winograd_Harlem-01   25_Winograd_Harlem-02Harlem/Miguel Winograd

26_Daeninck_Thanksgiving_141127_02Thanksgiving Parade/Yolande Daeninck

27_n3Camila Svenson

28_neighborhood_camilasvenson-13 Neighbourhood/Camila Svenson

29_William&Carola-12 William & Carola/Camila Svenson

One Month of Classes

After one month of classes at the International Centre of Photography, students in the Documentary Photography and Photojournalism program reflect upon the first few weeks in the best way we know how – through pictures.

1Month ICP-1 Always with the cameras, students sit outside ICP, Grace Plaza/Sara Frisby

1Month ICP-2 Black and White Photography instructor Jay Manis with ICP PJ students in the labs/Sara Frisby

1Month ICP-3 During a rare occurrence of downtime, ICP students hang out in the student lounge/Sara Frisby


1Month ICP-4Timothy Fadeck presents one of Jim Nachtwey’s images during a weekly Picture Making course/Sara Frisby


1Month ICP-5 We are still here. One month of classes at ICP/Sara Frisby


1Month ICP-6 First month of classes at ICP/Sara Frisby


1Month ICP-8 Weekly picture critique/Sara Frisby


ICP one month, Labs
Lab fashion show/Elena Hermosa


ICP one month, Eugene Richard awardsICP PJ contingent representing at the annual W. Eugene Smith awards at SVA/Elena Hermosa


ICP one month, lighting class Esteban Kuriel, posing for yet another flash demonstration/Elena Hermosa


sidelight fun
Those side-lit Beatles/Shih-Chieh Wei


1Month ICP-14 Story time with Nelson Bakerman/Sara Frisby


1Month ICP-15Monsters and mayhem in Nelson Bakerman’s flash class/Natasha Srour


On a clear day, I can see Manhattan in the horizon, dreamy and golden off in the distance; so near but so far away for the residents who have called my neighborhood home for generations. The JMZ rattles violently above Broadway on an elevated platform outside my window, ferrying people to and from the City.

They beat a man to death around the corner.

They shot a man in front of my door.

The Projects across the street, visible from the JMZ, tower over the Brooklyn skyline, piles of the poor stacked upwards to heaven.