Halloween 2018

Still Life – Ball, Cube, Cylinder

When you know how to light a ball, a cube and a cylinder, you know how to light everything.

An assignment from Editorial Concept Class taught by Alison Morley.

Photo by Mandar Parab
A ball, cube, and cylinder, New York, February 5, 2017. Photo by Meghan White
Photo by Meghan White
Photo by Eva Ermert
New York-Cube_Cylinder_Ball
Photo by Paolo Quadrini

James Wjocik, an accomplished still life photographer joined our class and did a demo.

Photo by Paolo Quadrini

Prisoners’s craft work

Felipe Flores (83) has a little shop in Rio Pedras Market in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He is selling paintings of prisoners from the local prison. The paintings costs around 50 USD and from this income the prisoners can buy toilet articles and what they need for daily use. Beyond the colorful craft works you can find the puerto rican Marilyn Monroe or the puerto rican Mona Lisa as well. Felipe also sells puerto rican lotto. His best friends dreamed about the winning numbers and Felipe with the numbers on his hand is looking for these numbers every day.