Jersey Mall Kids

Some shots taken at the Monmouth Mall in Eatontown, NJ for Joe & Brian’s teenager assignment…
Cedric, 17, enjoys a cigarette outside the mall.
Joy Ride
(L-R) Cedric, 17, Connor, 15 and James, 19, take a shopping cart for a joy ride.
Jersey Love
James and Brooke, both 19, go in for a kiss.
Tom, 15, listening to music and staring off on a couch in the mall.
Viki, 15, outside the mall where she hangs out every Friday & Saturday night.

Alfredo “El Perro” Angulo


Age:    27 (8-11-82)

Residence:  Coachella, California

Birthplace:  Mexicali, Baja Mexico

Record:  16 – 0 ,   13 KOs

Manager: Clemente Medina

In this frame the Boxer Alfredo Angulo hosts a press session and an open workout to the public.

He is the world champion lightweight 2008

PICTURE  MAKING     (Judit Levitt & Shaul Schwarz)

NEWS SHOT                       Oct . 16 . 2009                     Gleason’s Gym, 77 Front St., Brooklyn.

By Giacomo Perasti



GPerasti_NewsShot_Oct.16.09_3 Gperasti_NewsShot_Oct.16.09_4 Gperasti_NewsShot_Oct.16.09_5

Gperasti_NewsShot_Oct.16.09_6 Gperasti_NewsShot_Oct.16.09_7 GPerasti_NewsShot_Oct.16.09_8Gperasti_NewsShot_Oct.16.09_9 GPerasti_NewsShot_Oct.16.09_10jpg

Gperasti_NewsShot_Oct.16.09_11 GPerasti_NewsShot_Oct.16.09_12


About the winner of individual audio slideshow of the NPPA

Hi to all,

I’ve seen the story, and I have a critic to do.
I think that the story is great, is an incredible big story, but the pictures are not so good.
I think most of them are without feelings, just at the end of the story he is getting better and more near, but until he die, there is no feelings for me.
I think also that 71 pictures are really too much for a story like that, I don’t keep the attention on it.
Try to see the slideshow without the sound, so you can concentrate on the pictures, and you will see what I’m saying.
2009/10/17 Nelson <>
To all students in nelson’s lighting class: Check out the piece called ” A Life Well Lived” quite moving…..


This is the direct link to the story : A life well lived



We have a strange reletionship with the water.

It seams that we try to defend from the vastness of the sea, and we are enclosed on the land.

We can’t live out there, we need to breath.

But at the same time we are fascinated from this vastness.

I tried to show this fascination that I have for the sea…ocean here.

walker evans on his subject(s)

Walker Evans, Subway Portrait

since we’ve started on Walker Evans yesterday, I just wanted to share with you a quote I recently stumbled upon and which is well on its way of becoming one of my favorite quotes ever!

when asked what he photographed Walker Evans replied:

“People, all classes, surrounded by bunches of the new down-and-out.

Automobiles and the automobile landscape.

Architecture, American urban taste, commerce, small scale, large scale, clubs, the city atmosphere, the street smell, the hateful stuff, women’s clubs, fake culture, bad education, religion in decay.

The movies.

Evidence of what people of the city read, eat, see for amusement, do for relaxation and not get it.



A lot else, you see what I mean.”

Walker Evans in G. Dyer, The ongoing Moment