The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

With 12 marching bands, 26 floats, and musicians like Rita Ora, Diana Ross and John Legend performing, this year, the 92nd Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, was witnessed by nearly 3.5 million people in Manhattan. The parade began in the year 1924 and has been a holiday tradition ever since.

May Meng, a student of the Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism¬†program, photographed this year’s parade.

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Halloween 2018

Union Square Grassman

Established in the year 1994, Union Square Grassman is owned and operated by Stewart Borowsky. This eco-friendly business sells wheatgrass, micro-greens and sprouts out of a refurbished school bus at the Union Square Greenmarket all year round. These images capture, visually, a day in the life of an urban agricultural entrepreneur.

Photographs and captions by Max Posner.

Stewart Borowsky measures seeds for germination at his farm in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Stewart’s day begins at 5am.


Stewart soaks wheatgrass and micro-green seeds in the workbox shipping container at his farm in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. The seeds need anywhere between a couple of hours to a few days to soak and germinate.
Stewart waters wheatgrass in a climate-controlled shipping container grow-rooms at his farm in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.
Wheatgrass sits on shelves at various stages of development in one of the grow-rooms at the Union Square Grassman farm. Wheatgrass takes less than a week to progress.
Stewart pulls trays of wheatgrass for transport to his school bus before traveling to the Union Square Greenmarket.
Stewart Borowsky transports wheatgrass from one of the grow-rooms at his farm in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.
Stewart checks the supply of wheatgrass and micro-greens before he heads to the market.
Stewart departs to the Union Square Greenmarket to set up by 8 am. 
Stewart pulls wheatgrass and micro-greens from the school bus during setup at the Union Square Greenmarket. Aside from a few part time employees to help at market and the farm, Stewart has run Union Square Grassman on his own since its inception.
Stewart cuts and bags fresh sunflower micro-greens for sale at the Union Square Greenmarket.
Stewart juices wheatgrass for sale at the Union Square Greenmarket.
Stewart juices wheatgrass for sale.
Stewart waits for visitors to buy wheatgrass and micro-greens. Stewart has been vending at the Union Square Greenmarket since 1994.



Max Posner is from Richmond, Virginia and is a student in the Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism Program at the International Center of Photography.

Follow Max Posner’s work on Instagram @maxwellives

One Month of Classes

After one month of classes at the International Centre of Photography, students in the Documentary Photography and Photojournalism program reflect upon the first few weeks in the best way we know how – through pictures.

1Month ICP-1 Always with the cameras, students sit outside ICP, Grace Plaza/Sara Frisby

1Month ICP-2 Black and White Photography instructor Jay Manis with ICP PJ students in the labs/Sara Frisby

1Month ICP-3 During a rare occurrence of downtime, ICP students hang out in the student lounge/Sara Frisby


1Month ICP-4Timothy Fadeck presents one of Jim Nachtwey’s images during a weekly Picture Making course/Sara Frisby


1Month ICP-5 We are still here. One month of classes at ICP/Sara Frisby


1Month ICP-6 First month of classes at ICP/Sara Frisby


1Month ICP-8 Weekly picture critique/Sara Frisby


ICP one month, Labs
Lab fashion show/Elena Hermosa


ICP one month, Eugene Richard awardsICP PJ contingent representing at the annual W. Eugene Smith awards at SVA/Elena Hermosa


ICP one month, lighting class Esteban Kuriel, posing for yet another flash demonstration/Elena Hermosa


sidelight fun
Those side-lit Beatles/Shih-Chieh Wei


1Month ICP-14 Story time with Nelson Bakerman/Sara Frisby


1Month ICP-15Monsters and mayhem in Nelson Bakerman’s flash class/Natasha Srour