Multimedia Project: Queer As Tango

In Argentine tango rules, women do not allow to leading unless they are teachers and they only led in classes or at the end of the milongas. Lexa  came out of the closet when she was 15 years old, her first girlfriend was a prostitute. Lexa also published poetry and holds a professional witch license.  Before she became a leader at milonga, it took her 2 years to learn how to following, and then she started to dancing in man-step in milonga as a leader, in black Armani suits and shoes. When she began to lead well, there were some negative reactions. In fact, they once threw her out of milonga because of the complaining from other dancers.

Now, she is a host of GLBT milonga, teaches tango lessons to the gay community of New York, and other people as well.

“We are an international community and we should have all our beautiful colors shining together on the same dance floor. I am a mystic and a missionary of Argentine tango, I was sent to embrace this planet with love, connection, and healing vibes.” Says her.

This is the project i ve done for Judith Levitt’s Multimedia class.

Queer As Tango

Have fun!