Train of moods, a letter for you.

I wrote a letter to my girlfriend in italy, and after I read it, I understood that was for everyone at the icp too…and I did a little fast edit.

Thank you very much to everyone I’ve met, was really an unbelievable year…

Train of moods.

My Dear Sara,

I can’t sleep…

Tomorrow everything ends.

All the time passed with the other students, the friendship created, the people I feel in love with, that I’m completely in love with, like Ying Barbara Talia Carlotta Giacomo Adrienne Phil Valentina Luc David Rachel Nicoletta…They began part of my life, I can’t imagine the life without them, without their suggestions, without their help, without the emotions that we all feel about photographs, without the love that we share in photography…

Tomorrow will be the carrier day, the meeting with the editors, and the official ends of this journey.

I will miss them really much, for the lucky star we will be all in contacts for sure, I really hope to never lose them.

A train of moods, from the sadness of the separation, to the happiness to end the program and fly with my own wings, from the desire to come back in Italy, eating well, and a lot of sun and beach.

To the pain to understund that life divedes from the people that we would like to live near with, to the consciusness that the job I’ve chosen is a long and hard trip, profesionally and emotionally, with the will and the strength to begin this infinitive journey in the world of photography.

The school have give to me the most greatest present that any school of photography can give. Shooting for myself, shooting for that spaceship that will leave the earth in 2 days and the only thing I can bring are photographs to show how to feels like to live on the earth, thank you to Jeff that he decided to share this assignment.
Making the editing and sequence like music, letting the emotions of the photographs driving the choice, and looking how the pictures could work one after the other, in a sequence to share emotions with the vievew, as Scott says , editing is like music.
The war with Alison and the tradition of american photojournalism, to think in different way, to find new ways that can be accepted and understood, with the absurds defition of photojourlism and documentary photgraphy, “A documentary photography is a photograph taken in real space and time, full stop. Jeff Jacobson in the workshop”.
Asking to yourself why you really like a photograph, what is inside the picture that deeply moves you, to reach your heart to understand what you are photographing, thanks to the deep comprension of photography of Judith to push me into myself.

It was and unbelievable year, I’ve meet unique people, all the teachers that gave to me something unique and precious to hold near my passion and love for photography in a wide sense of the word.

The late nights to the lab, arguing every night with the assistants in the lab or the cage, because we would stay and sleep inside the school without ever living the digital lab or the darkroom.

The ICP is more than a school, it’s true, it’s a big family, I never felt home in my life like this year at the school.

I would like that will never ends, but I want to see the world, I want to photograph, I want to change something with my pictures, leave a sign in the time, give a smile or a tear, show a place where nobody has never beed, showing things we would like to don’t think about.

See you in few days,
I love you,


Documentary, photojournalism, fine art…

I don’t know how many of you already know Foto8, is one of the most great journals in England for documentary / photojournalism photography, in his stories have so many great works, without photoshop, and so many with photoshop.

My point is that they just published this story, that was already published on Daylight Magazine on the website, and also daylight magazine have published unbelievable documentary work…

So just have a look, because this kind of documentary is growing, he is not the first one I saw using this concept.

In my opinion the concept is great, but how he did it, it’s not so succesful:

Aftermath – Georgia