NPP Non-Project Photos

Since my final project is still struggling to fit into any definition or story, I’ve found myself just wanting to shoot for the pleasure of shooting. I had some friends visiting in those days, and to show them the city I’ve been in places I’ve never been before. And I’ve understood how much of the city I was missing while chasing something that could resemble like a strong work. Those pictures are from the High Line. An over photographed subject for sure, but it’s nice sometimes just don’t care and let your eyes catching what they find interesting.

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©Alessandro Ghirelli

Moments to pack

Projects critique with Eugene Richards during the "Photographing People" workshop at ICP.


One of those moments that makes you happy to be here in NY, studying at ICP. The right person at the right moment, at the end of the second act, before the last one begins. Now all the advices of the former students at the beginning of the program, who were saying that this year was going to fly so fast, sounds incredibly true. “Live with your questions, do not always try to simplify complexity. Put it in your pictures instead”. This was one of Eugene’s advices during the class. I’ll try to keep it with me. Photographers are humans first of all. So simple to understand, but so hard to remember sometimes out there.


The last picture is your one, but not yours.

Other two journailsts have been killed, in Syria this time, during a bombing in Homs. One of them was a french photographer, Rémi Ochlik, who had recently won a World Press Photo Award for one of his pictures from Lybia. For all the details I will post the link of the article from the New York Times.

But, while reading about this, I was thinking that when a photographer dies, it’s probably one of the rares chances to see his face published. Looks like photographers ARE their pictures for most of their lifes, particularly if you’re not a superstar, just someone who does his job well, far from the lights.  And I find it courious that the last picture published is sometimes the only one that you haven’t taken.

Other two names in the always longer list of missing journalists.


About World Press Photo Awards 2012

It’s a couple days I keep thinking abou this article that Abi shared with us. The way of the west to look at east it has been debated a lot, in a lot of different ways. But I still find the argument pretty crucial when it comes to the self consciousness of who is producing images. Here’s the link:


PJ ICPers in the Seaport Museum exhibition on OWC

WoonJae Shin, Cassie Giraldo, Johnny Milano and Andre Malerba have been selected for the exhibition about OWC Movement at the Seaport Museum, together with other photographers like Ashley Gilbertson from VII Agency. Not bad as a start!