Weekend Workshop with Larry Fink

“Visceral Perception the Sensual Experience of Context” 

Students had the option to choose one weekend workshop with the photographer Larry Fink.
Most of the workshop was focused on critiques and portfolio reviews.
Larry observed very carefully at students portfolios and tried to find the right words to explain his opinion about the work that was shown. It was a unique morning for everybody.
Larry was very enthusiastic and funny, and presented an interesting approach to photography.

Photos courtesy of Eva Deitch

unnamed (5)“Deep into empathy” -Larry Fink.

unnamed (1)“With a messy frame I am not able to draw my nose into the photograph… I might blow my nose instead.” – Larry Fink.

unnamed (2)“Who told you to shoot only horizontally? If I was horizontal I’ll be lying on the table”.
-Larry Fink.

unnamed (4)“Allow yourself to wonder”. -Larry Fink.

unnamed (6)Student: “There are not many things i’m afraid of”.
Larry Fink: “Maybe you should”.

unnamed (3)“Don’t press the shutter until you are absolutely embarrassed!”- Larry Fink.


unnamed“Once you enter the sensational experience in your photograph, your photos will become alive”. -Larry Fink.

Bob Sacha Multimedia Workshop

Aside from learning the core of still documentary photography, students had the option to choose a weekend workshop which concentrates on making a documentary video piece to expand their visual story-telling skills.
Students had one month to to record an interview, write a transcript, film and edit a 59 seconds video about a subject to their choice.

The workshop was intense, interesting and eye opening to a lot of students who never tried telling stories through video. Here are some of the results:


On Matter of Dying and Death- Eva Deitch
Phyllis, a retired school teacher, is an “initiated grandmother” in her community of Beacon, New York. Showing up for those in need, she provides everything from a shoulder to lean on to Shamanic ceremonies. I met Phyllis this past Spring while exploring my favorite stretch of beach along the Hudson River and when assigned to create a multi-media piece, I tracked her down. I was curious to know more about the woman I briefly encountered and photographed that day.



Life With Fellow- Amit Elkayam
A glance at the special relationship between Ania and her dog Fellow, living their life under the spirit of Yoga in Bushwick, Brooklyn.



Bryce- Olivia Fernandez
Bryce is a multimedia project about a subway and the street performer in New York City.



Demonstrating Love- Sharon Pulwer
A documentary piece about Meshi, a polyamory and sex positive activist from Brooklyn, New York.



Gaga- Lucia Buricelli
Nick is a Lady Gaga Impersonator. He came to New York from Russia less than a year ago. Lady Gaga means the world to him.


Carve Into Words


Photographer by Gabriel Munhoz

“Haiku have a format that allows to get to the heart of the issue in a minimalist and creative way” Lisa Ann Markusson is a poet based in New York. Born in Sacramento, she moved to NYC without expectations and she found in poetry her way for living while doing something she loves. She is the Co-founder of Haiku Guys+Gals and also an active collaborator in Bowery Poetry Club. This photo essay is part of an assignment for VJ class about youth in NYC. Dec. 2017


002_Munhoz_171202_1429Lisa Ann, 30, at her apartment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Dec. 2017. Lisa Ann Markuson is a poetry writer and co-founder of Haiku Guys + Gals.

006_Munhoz_171202_1458Lisa Ann lays down on her couch while talking on the phone at her apartment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Dec 2017. 

003_Munhoz_171202_1433Detail on one of Lisa Ann’s portable typewriter. At Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Dec. 2017. She has two typewriters that she uses for her work.

010_Munhoz_171202_1512Lisa Ann takes her TypeWrite after she had written a Heiku, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Dec 2017. 

011_Munhoz_171205_1942Lisa Ann at an event she was working, writing haikus in One Bedford Bar. Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Dec. 2017.

013_Munhoz_171203_1795Observer (r.) watches a poetry spoken word presentation in Bowery Poetry Club. Manhattan, New York City, Dec. 2017.

014_Munhoz_171203_1634Shadow of a poet while declaming a poem in Bowery Poetry Club. Manhattan, New York City, Dec. 2017.

Embracing Hope: Stories by Holocaust Jewish Survivors

Regina Ladiany, Buenos Aires 2014      Regina Ladiany, Buenos Aires 2014

Photographer MagalÍ Druscovich:

“I would’ve liked to wake up one morning and discover that the Holocaust hadn’t happened.

I would’ve liked to have a life without the Holocaust, without death trains, concentration camps, death marches or crematoriums.

I’d like to remember nothing, or to have to strengthen memory, collect more testimonies or erect more monuments.

I would’ve preferred the world learned something from World War II, also to grow up with memory. But humanity is oblivious.”


Theodor Adorno said human beings would have the eleventh commandment after the Holocaust, which is to do anything necessary not to repeat history, essential but difficult to enforce. Humanity faces far more powerful forces that have many more evil means than good intentions. We learn more and more about increasing surges of neo-Nazi cells, terrorist groups, not only attacking the Jewish, but also other minorities that are at a disadvantage.  Unfortunately, this still goes on in various ways, claimed by various groups.

Then, what have we learned from the Holocaust?

Nusia Gotlib, Argentina 2014     Nusia Gotlib, Argentina 2014

Sara Rus, Argentina 2017
Sara Rus, Argentina 2017

Sabina Feinkind, Argentina 2015     Sabina Feinkind, Argentina 2015

Helen Gutowszky, Argentina 2015Helen Gutowszky, Argentina 2015

Francisco Wichter, Argentina 2014Francisco Wichter, Argentina 2014

The project

Embracing Hope is a web exhibition of Holocaust Jewish survivors’ portraits. It’s composed of diptychs featuring two realities and information about the survivors’ personal stories. The purpose is to record the survivors’ testimonies in a creative way.

The portraits connect the past with the future; their eyes question, their looks claim not to forget. It is a photographic document that sensitively allows interaction with the characters’ stories.  Its include survivors from Argentina and Israel and now is an on going project because I’m working with survivors in North America.

You enter the site and see the portraits, then you click on the pictures and their stories, also books, childhood songs sung by them, phrases, a message and the educational proposal unfold.


Itzjak Arad, Israel, 2016Itzjak Arad, Israel, 2016

Ruth Zulman, Israel 2015Ruth Zulman, Israel 2015

Moshe Haelion, Israel 2015.Moshe Haelion, Israel 2015

Aron Barabalsky, Argentina 2014Aron Barabalsky, Argentina 2014

10_Magali Druscovich_Project Survivors.jpgMotek Finster, Argentina, 2017


Visual Journalism Class

Visual Journalism is one of the most challenging classes in ICP school. Every week students had been asked to shoot different projects such as “Water in New York”, “Subway”, “Religion”, “Jackson Heights” “Bodega” and more.. students had to connect to different strangers and try to create a new story in a short time. Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks.

IMG_0311Sharif Kales, a Trumpet Player, enters Tereza 7 Jazz club, seconds before the show.  
Photo by Amit Elkayam, For the “Portraits in Jackson Heights” assignment.

6. Two participants hug in front of the image of the procession.
2 members of the El Señor De Los Milagros procession embrace before lifting Christ image , moved through Manhattan.
Photo by Cristián Cáceres, “Religious” assignment. 

2religion_2Man plays the piano in the basement of church for a service that with three worshipper at Siloam Presbyterian Church, Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. 
Photo by Qianfeng Gao, “Religion” assignment.

Diners at Ichiran, a Japanese restaurant chain which opened its first U.S. location in New York, have the option to eat in individual booths, providing a traditional Japanese culinary experience. 
Photo by Eva Deitch, “New York Food” assignment. 

At 8:30 pm, Khalifa Mansour shakes the flour from his clothes, shoes and baseball cap, and goes home. He works in the ovens of Amy’s Bread, where the temperatureis always around 113°. Bread is his passion. He dreams about having his own bakery one day.
Photo by Andrea Hernandez. “

A man eats a Tamal as breakfast in a stand on a street of Spanish Harlem. Tamales originated in Mesoamerica as early as 8000 to 5000 BC, they migrated from Mexico to become a classical element of Queens and Harlem’s landscape.
Photo by Luis Antonio Rojas, “New York Food” assignment

Buricelli_171012_5825Funny scene at the Stardust diner. project shot for the food assignment.
Photo by Lucia Buricelli, “New York Food” assignment. 

unnamed-26Customers eating by the Taco Truck at 3am in Williamsburg, New York. The trucks are located near the main clubs in Williamsburg and stay open all night.
Photo by Olivia Fernandez, “New York Food” assignment. 

Grossinger_20130117_00742City council candidate, Victoria Cambranes, along with her friends, Kier and Steve, canvas in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Cambranes ran against and lost to incumbent Democrat Steve Levin. Cambranes, a first-time candidate, who also identifies as a Democrat, decided to run in August after a biker was killed at a dangerous intersection – an intersection she had alerted officials about many times. Because of her late entry, she had to run under a Third Party ticket. Her goal? To stop corporatists from siphoning off public land and negotiating public-private partnerships that don’t benefit the public.
Photo by Annie Grossinger, “Election” assignment. 

Buricelli_171029_22Amal and Munna, US born Yemeni twin sisters strike a pose before breaking into their version of street dance.
Photo by Kanishka Sonthalia, “Photographic a Local Bodega” assignment.  

Buricelli_171029_-2Brenda, on the “A” train to Far Rockaway, New York.
Photo by Magalí Druscovich, “Subway” assignment.

Buricelli_171029_27Burgess, identifies himself as a satanist, in his living room in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
6 months out of a year, Burgess drives around the United States conducting an underground film festival.
Photo by Alexey Yurenev, “Religious” assignment. 

Scavenger Hunt 2017

During Orientation students were asked to participate in a competitive Scavenger Hunt.
Divided into 5 groups, Students had to photograph images fitting under 12 categories.

Besides being a great team-building activity, it was a wonderful opportunity for the students to acquaint themselves with New York City and the student body of ICP


_DSC3224Luis Antonio Rojas took this portrait in the African American Parade in Harlem,
New York, under the category “Portrait of a Stranger”.
“She was slowly waving the Pan- African flag between her fingers when she suddenly looked at me, and I took the photo. The next second, when I put my camera down,
she had one of the cutest smiles..” 
unnamed-1“Army Dreamers”- trying to capture memory lost. Taken by Sharon Pulwer under
the category “Memory”. 
Grossinger_20170915_07541Women pose in the Costume Box NYC outside of House of Yes in Bushwick. Photo was taken as part of the Scavenger Hunt assignment.
Fashion Week After Party, in Top of The Standard club in Manhattan, New York.
Taken by Sharon Pulwer under the category “Body part defined by light”.
7E5A5369Photographer Roban Wang was observing this old an trying to cross the street at Rockefeller Center between 39th and 50th street, New York, under the category “Memory”
_DSC2987Fernando Va’squez poses on an abandoned couch in Brooklyn Heights, New York.
Photo by Luis Antonio Rojas, under the category “Night”.


Sunset backlight


Buricelli_170920_3335Outside view on a house in Williamsburg, New York.
Photo by Lucia Buricelli under the category “Night”.