Some of my subway shots from Brian & Joe’s picture making assignment…

A peek around a pole at West 4th St.
Hair gone wild from the L train at Bedford Ave.
A little bit of love on the West 4th Street platform.
One subway rider reading his newspaper while waiting for the train.
The in between express & local trains game.

Jersey Mall Kids

Some shots taken at the Monmouth Mall in Eatontown, NJ for Joe & Brian’s teenager assignment…
Cedric, 17, enjoys a cigarette outside the mall.
Joy Ride
(L-R) Cedric, 17, Connor, 15 and James, 19, take a shopping cart for a joy ride.
Jersey Love
James and Brooke, both 19, go in for a kiss.
Tom, 15, listening to music and staring off on a couch in the mall.
Viki, 15, outside the mall where she hangs out every Friday & Saturday night.