The Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism Program at ICP provides intermediate to advanced students with an intensive yearlong course of study that strengthens personal vision, teaches professional practices, and explores the many disciplines that inform media and art today.

This one-year certificate program is currently accepting applications – download a catalogue and/or apply onlineDeadline is March 6th.

For more information about the program contact the Full-Time Programs Assistant at fulltime@icp.edu or call 212.857.0006.


6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Alison Morley says:

    Dear PJ

    Welcome to our blog…I am so excited. Let’s see some pictures!

  2. So, which one of you is Bjorn Haldorsen? He dropped his ICP press card at New York Comic-Con (NYCC) last weekend. I found it in the Show Floor. I’m sorry it’s taken so long, but I was staffing all weekend and forgot I had it. If he still needs it, have him get back to me via Twitter.

    • Hi!
      Thank you so much for telling! Bjorn is one of the students from the new year, we’re still working to update the blog for the new academic year.
      I’ve already given your Twitter contact to him, so he will contact you soon.

      Thank you again.

  3. I recieved this post request from Claire McGovern, and I’ll put it on the blog seen that is about the work of a photographer who’s name I never heard before, and that can be interesting:

    Hello ICP

    I wanted to write and introduce you to the work of a very talented yet often overlooked photographer Charles Gatewood. With the intention of promoting some exceptional works from his early documentary work between the years of 1966 – 1979, we recently introduced this dedicated website:


    One of his more famous photographs which you might recognize is


  4. Hello. I would like to hire someone for a shoot at Yankee Stadium
    Documentary Photography and Photojournalism

    • Dear Mr. Draper

      Apologies that this post was never responded to! It seems to me that it must have fallen through the cracks between the outgoing class, and the incoming class of 2014. My name is Gareth Smit, and I have taken over as editor of this blog on behalf of the PJ class of 2015. I do hope you had some success in your endeavor to hire a photographer earlier this year, and hope that we might be a source for any future needs that may arise.

      I assure you that any future requests will be responded to as a matter of urgency.

      Kind Regards,
      Gareth Smit

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