The Life and Dreams of Gastro Sos

Photographer Ruban Wang.

Gastro Sos, 22 and from Guyana, sits in his blue room after smoking. He lives with his cousin in his grandfather’s house in Brooklyn.

He hopes to be a millionaire before 25 by art working. His dream is to be a model and an artist. He wants to be different from others, so he always pays attention to clothes and appearances. 

Now, his job is food delivery. He gets orders in the APP, then buy the food in the restaurant and delivers it to the customers. He usually works 10am-2pm every day.


1Sos, he always puts a chain around his neck to make himself feel special.

2Sos felt little tired because of his birthday party last night.

3Sos walks in the city to deliver food between restaurants and customers.

4Sos got the food from the restaurant and delivered it to the customer.

5Sos’s phones are always busy: friends and girlfriend. People like him.

6Sos made the cigarette by himself. He showed me the G and the S on the card. That’s the first letters of his name, which was named after his grandfather.

7Sos smoking in his smoking box. His cousin’s family don’t like smoking, so he has to smoke outside. 

8Sos’s dream is to be a model and an artist. He thinks it would be special and could make him rich and famous.

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