Self Portrait Assignment

For the first assignment given in Portrayal Class, led by the photographer Alice O’mally, Students had to face through every photographer’s challenge, which is being on both sides of the camera, as a photographer and as a subject.

20180124 – EricCederlund Self Portrait – 02Eric Cederlund.

20180124 – EricCederlund Self Portrait – 01Eric Cederlund and Sharon Pulwer.

Pulwer_SelfPortrait-2Sharon Pulwer.

180122_Deitch_0007Eva Deitch.

210118_elkayam_1Amit Elkayam.

180123_Kanishka-2Kanishka Sonthalia.

180124_Hull_03Dylan Hull.

180124_Qianfeng_Gao_2Cheonbong Ko.


180118_Fernandez_Olivia_1Olivia Fernandez.

180118_Rivera_Natalia_3Natalia Rivera.

180118_Cruz_0915Federico Cruz.

20180124-20180124__MG_9149_Abigail_MontesAbigail MontesAbigail Montes.

Photo Jan 04, 11 52 15Gabriel Munhoz.

180123_Grossinger_9072Annie Grossinger.

Ye Fan.

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