Weekend Workshop with Larry Fink

“Visceral Perception the Sensual Experience of Context” 

Students had the option to choose one weekend workshop with the photographer Larry Fink.
Most of the workshop was focused on critiques and portfolio reviews.
Larry observed very carefully at students portfolios and tried to find the right words to explain his opinion about the work that was shown. It was a unique morning for everybody.
Larry was very enthusiastic and funny, and presented an interesting approach to photography.

Photos courtesy of Eva Deitch

unnamed (5)“Deep into empathy” -Larry Fink.

unnamed (1)“With a messy frame I am not able to draw my nose into the photograph… I might blow my nose instead.” – Larry Fink.

unnamed (2)“Who told you to shoot only horizontally? If I was horizontal I’ll be lying on the table”.
-Larry Fink.

unnamed (4)“Allow yourself to wonder”. -Larry Fink.

unnamed (6)Student: “There are not many things i’m afraid of”.
Larry Fink: “Maybe you should”.

unnamed (3)“Don’t press the shutter until you are absolutely embarrassed!”- Larry Fink.


unnamed“Once you enter the sensational experience in your photograph, your photos will become alive”. -Larry Fink.

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