Bob Sacha Multimedia Workshop

Aside from learning the core of still documentary photography, students had the option to choose a weekend workshop which concentrates on making a documentary video piece to expand their visual story-telling skills.
Students had one month to to record an interview, write a transcript, film and edit a 59 seconds video about a subject to their choice.

The workshop was intense, interesting and eye opening to a lot of students who never tried telling stories through video. Here are some of the results:


On Matter of Dying and Death- Eva Deitch
Phyllis, a retired school teacher, is an “initiated grandmother” in her community of Beacon, New York. Showing up for those in need, she provides everything from a shoulder to lean on to Shamanic ceremonies. I met Phyllis this past Spring while exploring my favorite stretch of beach along the Hudson River and when assigned to create a multi-media piece, I tracked her down. I was curious to know more about the woman I briefly encountered and photographed that day.



Life With Fellow- Amit Elkayam
A glance at the special relationship between Ania and her dog Fellow, living their life under the spirit of Yoga in Bushwick, Brooklyn.



Bryce- Olivia Fernandez
Bryce is a multimedia project about a subway and the street performer in New York City.



Demonstrating Love- Sharon Pulwer
A documentary piece about Meshi, a polyamory and sex positive activist from Brooklyn, New York.



Gaga- Lucia Buricelli
Nick is a Lady Gaga Impersonator. He came to New York from Russia less than a year ago. Lady Gaga means the world to him.


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