Embracing Hope: Stories by Holocaust Jewish Survivors

Regina Ladiany, Buenos Aires 2014      Regina Ladiany, Buenos Aires 2014

Photographer MagalÍ Druscovich:

“I would’ve liked to wake up one morning and discover that the Holocaust hadn’t happened.

I would’ve liked to have a life without the Holocaust, without death trains, concentration camps, death marches or crematoriums.

I’d like to remember nothing, or to have to strengthen memory, collect more testimonies or erect more monuments.

I would’ve preferred the world learned something from World War II, also to grow up with memory. But humanity is oblivious.”


Theodor Adorno said human beings would have the eleventh commandment after the Holocaust, which is to do anything necessary not to repeat history, essential but difficult to enforce. Humanity faces far more powerful forces that have many more evil means than good intentions. We learn more and more about increasing surges of neo-Nazi cells, terrorist groups, not only attacking the Jewish, but also other minorities that are at a disadvantage.  Unfortunately, this still goes on in various ways, claimed by various groups.

Then, what have we learned from the Holocaust?

Nusia Gotlib, Argentina 2014     Nusia Gotlib, Argentina 2014

Sara Rus, Argentina 2017
Sara Rus, Argentina 2017

Sabina Feinkind, Argentina 2015     Sabina Feinkind, Argentina 2015

Helen Gutowszky, Argentina 2015Helen Gutowszky, Argentina 2015

Francisco Wichter, Argentina 2014Francisco Wichter, Argentina 2014

The project

Embracing Hope is a web exhibition of Holocaust Jewish survivors’ portraits. It’s composed of diptychs featuring two realities and information about the survivors’ personal stories. The purpose is to record the survivors’ testimonies in a creative way.

The portraits connect the past with the future; their eyes question, their looks claim not to forget. It is a photographic document that sensitively allows interaction with the characters’ stories.  Its include survivors from Argentina and Israel and now is an on going project because I’m working with survivors in North America.

You enter the site and see the portraits, then you click on the pictures and their stories, also books, childhood songs sung by them, phrases, a message and the educational proposal unfold.


Itzjak Arad, Israel, 2016Itzjak Arad, Israel, 2016

Ruth Zulman, Israel 2015Ruth Zulman, Israel 2015

Moshe Haelion, Israel 2015.Moshe Haelion, Israel 2015

Aron Barabalsky, Argentina 2014Aron Barabalsky, Argentina 2014

10_Magali Druscovich_Project Survivors.jpgMotek Finster, Argentina, 2017


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