Scavenger Hunt 2017

During Orientation students were asked to participate in a competitive Scavenger Hunt.
Divided into 5 groups, Students had to photograph images fitting under 12 categories.

Besides being a great team-building activity, it was a wonderful opportunity for the students to acquaint themselves with New York City and the student body of ICP


_DSC3224Luis Antonio Rojas took this portrait in the African American Parade in Harlem,
New York, under the category “Portrait of a Stranger”.
“She was slowly waving the Pan- African flag between her fingers when she suddenly looked at me, and I took the photo. The next second, when I put my camera down,
she had one of the cutest smiles..” 
unnamed-1“Army Dreamers”- trying to capture memory lost. Taken by Sharon Pulwer under
the category “Memory”. 
Grossinger_20170915_07541Women pose in the Costume Box NYC outside of House of Yes in Bushwick. Photo was taken as part of the Scavenger Hunt assignment.
Fashion Week After Party, in Top of The Standard club in Manhattan, New York.
Taken by Sharon Pulwer under the category “Body part defined by light”.
7E5A5369Photographer Roban Wang was observing this old an trying to cross the street at Rockefeller Center between 39th and 50th street, New York, under the category “Memory”
_DSC2987Fernando Va’squez poses on an abandoned couch in Brooklyn Heights, New York.
Photo by Luis Antonio Rojas, under the category “Night”.


Sunset backlight


Buricelli_170920_3335Outside view on a house in Williamsburg, New York.
Photo by Lucia Buricelli under the category “Night”.

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