Weekly Pics

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Pictures of the Week

“Intimate Encounters”. photo by Mandar Parab


Diptych from the book “My Day”. Photo by Mandar Parab


Photo by Monica Jorge


Yann Giguere fits together joints in a multi-faced Shoji wall in his workshop in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Sunday October 22, 2016. The traditional Japanese technique Yann follows does not use any form of nail, so his pieces must fit together as tightly as possible; this requires great precision in craftsmanship. Photo by Harold Oppenheimer

Chelsea Miller Knifesmith

Knife-smith Chelsea Miller grinds down old farm tools transforming them into beautiful, top-of-the-line kitchen knives. Photo by Harold Oppenheimer


Rockaway Beach. Photo by Troels Haahr Graugaard


Cuba. Photo by Zengzeng Wang


Clieon from Crwon Hights, a 24-year-old NBA fan, works with ACE Downtown, an Association of Community Employment Programs for the homeless. He wants to be a Janitor. Photo by Sebastian Zuleta


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