From Stranger to Intimate Portraits

During Andrew Lichtenstein’s workshop From Stranger to Intimate, we try to come closer and make photographs of strangers .

September 11, 2016 – New York, USA: Pat a resident of New York City poses for a portrait in Bryant Park. Photo by Todd R Darling
Torin , the East Village Cowboy .
Torin reads a Bruce Springsteen book walking in Tompkins Square Park on a rainy Sunday. Photo by Gabriele Griseri
Photo by Ana Luisa Matos
September 11, 2016 – New York, USA: JieJie (21) a fashion designer from Beijing is in New York for fashion week. She poses for a portrait in Bryant Park. Photo by Todd R Darling
Photo by Camille Le Falher-Payat
Photo by Jazmin Chase
Ray is a homeless man. I met him near Times Square. Photo by Kinuko Esther Asano
Photo by Mandira Bahl
Photo by Yifan Huang

26 thoughts on “From Stranger to Intimate Portraits”

  1. Pictures taken randomly like that are so precious, it’s simply the face of humanity being captured perfectly.

  2. Very expressive photos you have here! Particularly Ray! He’s just got some sparkle within him, gives a perfect glance for the snap & adequately hiding survival woes. Good work!

  3. I love the very first photo of Pat.
    Such raw beauty. To me it tells many tales of a hard life. I feel a true connection to this image.. what an amazing photo.. well collection of photos – to make such a connection with anybody!!!

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