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Bridge Awe
Marco Vasquez and Chavi Leon, 9 Mar 2016, look at the traffic from the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge, NYC.  © Sarah Blesener
Chavi Leon practices baseball, 13 Mar 2016, at Heritage Field, outside of Yankee Stadium, Bronx, NYC. ‘ © Sarah Blesener
19 March 2016 – Manhattan, New York – A women wearing an American flag hijab marches at an anti-Trump rally. Republican candidate Donald J. Trump targeted muslims several times throughout his campaign and proposed a ban of muslims entering the U.S. (Cédric Dürig)
19 March 2016 – Manhattan, New York – CNN correspondent Sara Ganim (c) observes the arrest of a person by the NYPD after a small skirmish at a rally against republican candidate Donald J. Trump in Midtown. Traditional media outlets and the candidate’s press machinery are co-dependant and heavily rely on scandal and shock, which results in a thorough coverage of every event concerning Trump. (Cédric Dürig)
19 March 2016 – Manhattan, New York – Protestors chant in front of the Trump International Hotel and Tower on a rally at Columbus Circle. While the race for the republican nomination gets fiercer, anti-Trump protests become more frequent throughout the country. (Cédric Dürig)
Nancy Chavez was born in the community of  Ixcuinatoyac, municipality of Alcozauca in the State of Guerrero. She migrated to New York when she was sixteen years old and since then she has not returned to her town. Her mother’s language is Mixteco. Her husband Salvador is a Northern musician known as “El Toro de la Sierra”, they have three daughters together and have been living in Queens for the last nine years. Nancy cooks tortillas by hand everyday.  Queens January, 2015.  Photo by: Cynthia Santos Briones 
Don Jose Juarez gives a consultation on his business store Leecatzin in Passaic, New Jersey. He charges forty dollars for card readings. Depending on the reading he prescribes the remedy or what he needs to do to help with the healing. He does not consider himself a “Brujo” , but a Shaman or an indigenous Healer.  Passaic New Jersey, December 2015. Photo by: Cynthia Santos Briones

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