Pictures of the Week February 9, 2015

Back to school, back to reality. The second trimester started off with a bang as PJ students at ICP shot a variety of different themes for the weekly courses. From portraits to beautiful flying birds here are some of last week’s pictures.

1_20150201_snow_walk_central_park_185i-Barbara Gracner

Grand Central Terminal Grand Central Terminal Yolande Daeninck

Grand Central Terminal Yolande Daeninck

5_Elena_Hermosa_finding_ your_voice_in_portrait_ligthing- 6_E_Hermosa-
Your voice in portrait lighting with Shelby Lee Adams/Elena Hermosa

7_sara frisby-vagando-1- 8_sara frisby-vagando-2-

9_sara frisby-vagando-3- 10_sara frisby-vagando-4-

Sara Frisby

11_20150201_snow_walk_central_park_078- Barbara Gracner

New York 14 Prospect Park/Gareth Smit

New York 14 East Village Rooftop/Gareth Smit

The ICP School is accepting applications for the one-year certificate Documentary Photography and Photojournalism Program – get more information and apply online. Deadline is Friday, March 6, 2015.

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Curator, ICP PJ Blog

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