Pictures of the Week October 10, 2014

PJ students at ICP shoot a variety of different themes for the weekly “Picture Making on the Street” course. This course sees students submitting a selection of images every week for a group critique lead by each respective instructor.


Baluch-Subway-7425NYC Subway/Khadim Baluch

cattaneo_solitude_141006_3Solitude/Andrea Cattaneo


gracner_water_141007_3A man smokes a cigar next to a fish stand at New Fulton Fish Market. Water/Barbara Gracner

Man cutting yellowfin tuna at the New Fulton Fish Market.

Man cutting yellowfin tuna at the New Fulton Fish Market. Water/ Barbara Gracner


SMIT_Solitude_DSC_0246Solitude/Gareth Smit


Baluch-Subway-6465NYC Subway/Khadim Baluch


Fairway Market, Red Hook, BrooklynFairway Market, Red Hook, Brooklyn. Water/Natasha Srour

Edward Castillo and Richard Alvez, Red Hook, Brooklyn

Edward Castillo and Richard Alvez, Red Hook, Brooklyn. Water/Natasha Srour


cattaneo_solitude_141006_1Solitude/Andrea Cattaneo


Smit_Solitude_DSC_0259Solitude/Gareth Smit


SubwayNYC Subway/ Khadim Baluch



Smit_Solitude_DSC_0209Solitude/Gareth Smit


cattaneo_solitude141006_2Solitude/Andrea Cattaneo

Author: garethsmit1

Curator, ICP PJ Blog

3 thoughts on “Pictures of the Week October 10, 2014”

  1. I love the new pictures and deeply appreciate all the effort made by Barbara, Andrea and Gareth. The solitude assignment is wonderful and inspiring. Its a great time of the year to get out there and shoot. So I hope I’ll see a lot more of your pictures up here soon.

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