Focus on ICP Grads: Brendon Stuart (’08)



From "Riding the Dog," a series on bus travel across America.
From “Riding the Dog,” a series on bus travel across America by Brendon Stuart.

Before airplanes became the primary means of long-distance travel in the United States, people relied mainly on the countries railroads and interstate buses. This project focuses on Greyhound buses and thier routes, which continue to provide access to nearly every part of the country. This ongoing project is both a survey of America’s landscape and people, as well as a personal document of my own travels.

From Brendon Stuart's ('08) The 99% series.

From Brendon Stuart's ('08) The 99% series.

From Brendon Stuart's ('08) The 99% series.
From Brendon Stuart’s (’08) The 99% series.

Right now it’s difficult not seeing all that is going on around the world in regards to the growing movement that has come to be known as “Occupy Wall St”. Spawned from the growing anger of people aware of the misuse of governmental power by big banks and multinational corporations, it’s in the news, on blogs, Facebook, and ultimately it’s in the streets of more and more cities and communities across the globe, continually breathing an electrified life into itself. I’ve had the opportunity to spend much of October in Zuccotti Park, symbolically renamed “Liberty Square” by the OWS movement. This is the birthplace and epicenter of a growing number of people around the world voicing their disdain with the current inequalities of today’s economic system at the hands of corporate greed. These are photographs taken in lower Manhattan showing what has become an integral mantra for the movement that “This is what democracy looks like!”.

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