Of Water, Wind, and Fire

USA. Queens, NY. Breezy Point. 2012. Mansura Khanam

With hurricane force winds and fire trucks crippled by flood waters, fires burned well through the night and produced flames reaching 50 feet, damaging or destroying over 130 homes in Breezy Point, Queens in October 2012. Images in this gallery include that of Delores and William Lehner–long-time residents of Breezy Point–whose home was flooded by surge waters.  When I met them, the Lehners were taking refuge in the Roxbury Firehouse, which had become an impromptu disaster relief center. Mr. Lehner suffers from dementia, compounding the Lehner’s difficulties during the hurricane.  The Roxbury volunteer firefighters were one of the first on the scene of the Breezy Point fires as their small truck was able to make it through the flood waters.  The final image is of a home that was lifted clear off its foundation on the night of the hurricane and pushed to the middle of the road by the force of the surge.

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