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The National Socialist Movement (NSM) is one of the nations most notorious White Pride activist groups. Founded in 1974, NSM has gained extensive attention across the United States for it’s politically oriented philosophies and actions. Among the core beliefs of the NSM are the preservation of a white America and it’s “European roots”. Unlike the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, the NSM is not a religious oriented organization but a militarily and politicaly structured organization. The NSM’s calendar year does not begin in January and end in December, but begins and ends on April 20th, the day of Adolf Hitler’s birth.  I have a ton of images/videos/audio to sift through from this weekend.  I went into it knowing what I wanted to come out of it with and ended up shooting with my instincts.  It’s really starting to feel most natural when I “shoot first and ask questions later”.  As a photographer I find that I often go into a project with a particularly goal set in mind, a particular story that I aim for and what I end up capitalizing on and what really becomes the story is something completely different, something unexpected.  Going through these images will decide the fate of this story.


Author: Johnny Milano

"The truth is the best photograph, the best propaganda."

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  1. Man, you’ve produced so much this year, and everything with so much quality in it. And you’re just beginning. Roots seems to have grown deep. Can’t wait to see how high the plant will go.

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