“Whose park? Our Park!”


Sights and sounds from Occupy Wall Street protests in Lower Manhattan following the early morning eviction of OWS protestors from Zuccotti Park on November 15th, 2011.

I had been shooting a lot of OWS but was taking a break that night. As soon as I saw on Twitter that the park was being raided I packed up my camera and biked downtown to see what I could shoot. For the next ten hours I ran around Lower Manhattan taking pictures and recording audio of the scenes unfolding all around me. By afternoon the next day, with my data-cards full and no sleep in almost 30 hours, I had just enough time to bike back home and shower before dragging myself off to class at the ICP. I was completely exhausted but content knowing that I had pushed myself to stay with the story and came away with a good collection of photographs and audio recordings.

-Daniel Tepper


  1. I really admire the constancy of your work in those months down to Zuccotti Park man. Probably because I’m not a US citizen I hadn’t realized the importance of this movement for the history of this country.

    Chapeau for what you’ve done.

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