6 thoughts on “Atlantic City”

  1. Vittoria, the files are too big – once you click on the thumbnail it takes a while to download, so breaks the continuity of viewing the pix.

  2. interesting work,
    you’ve clearly got talent Vittoria.
    a good union of citations and personality.
    hope to see more from you.

  3. Beautiful stuff Vitty! I especially like the shots of people walking down the street. there’s a strange and eery movement to them. I’d like to see more stuff indoors though. I wanna see the casinos, clubs, bars, inside of people’s homes. Are you shooting mostly with your medium format now or are you sticking with your digital?

  4. thanks Cassie. I was thinking to use the digital on the street and the medium format for the portraits. You are right, next step is to go indoor.

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