“Enlighting” evening with Eugene Richards

Tuesday Nov. 15 – 2011.

Meeting Eugene Richards was an enlighting experience. The intimate, cozy ambience in Nelson Bakermans studio only added to this feeling. We’ve seen his images in the ICP exhibition, in books and during classes, so meeting the photographer himself, and hearing the stories behind the photographs was a very special opportunity, as well as a great inspiration.

2 thoughts on ““Enlighting” evening with Eugene Richards”

  1. Hey Freya! So you made it! Congrats for your first post!
    And thank you for having shared those pictures from that night. One of the really best ones since I’m in ICP.
    I’m still questioning myself about what he said and about how much I’m ready to sacrifice to get there.

  2. Thank Aless, remember the conversation we had the other day outside the ICP with Anita? We are all under tremendous pressure, emotionally, financially, you name it, and still, it’s important to remind ourselves why we chose to come here. We where all driven by something so much more powerful, our passion, keep fighting for it!! On top of that we are blessed with amazing teachers and fellow students, that support us and our efforts!! Baccione

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