Growing Up in New York: Supreme Luxe Models

Hey guys, here’s a series I’m working on for my final picture making assignment, “Growing Up in New York.” I’ve decided to document the lives of a group of thirteen year-old girls from Brooklyn who call themselves the Supreme Luxe Modeling Team.  These images were taken at Kings Plaza, a shopping mall in the Marine Park/Mill Basin section of Brooklyn. I’d immensely appreciate your feedback on where I should go with this. Thanks ya’ll!

Photos: Cassandra Giraldo

5 thoughts on “Growing Up in New York: Supreme Luxe Models”

  1. I like the idea a lot. It is amazing that you have access in a mall to 13 year olds – you go girl! Check out Lauren Greenfield’s work. Next step is to go home with them, hang with them everywhere you can. Photograph them dressing up and going out and hanging on the bed and cell. Nicely ambitious, I think this could be something great.

  2. Thank you Alison and Alessandro for your comments! B&W choice was a tentative one. I think after tonight’s critique it’s been decided that I should stick with color. Lauren Greenfield is definitely an influence of mine and i’ll have to check out her work again. Thanks for the tips and support Alison. Stay tuned!

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