Your portfolio doesn’t matter


Your port­fo­lio doesn’t mat­ter. What does mat­ter is mak­ing pic­tures. Like James Starks when he says, “I play this game for the fun of it,” release your­self from the little coach, teacher, or  man­ager in the back of your mind that tells you to worry. There are enough anal people in the world already.

When you take pic­tures, be there. Enjoy it.

You are the cir­cus com­ing to town. The act of pho­to­graphy moves people. You are look­ing at them, really see­ing them, in a way that no human might ever do again. Respect and hon­our that exchange. This doesn’t have any­thing to do with a cam­era. It has everything to do with inten­tion and atten­tion. Be clear in both.

Pho­to­graphy can be a release, for you and for your sub­ject. If you are moved to take a pic­ture, do it. Don’t worry about your port­fo­lio, the pro­ject you’re work­ing on, or any­thing else. When the spirit moves you, when you see someone or some­thing that turns you on, get closer. Enjoy your life, enjoy shar­ing life with oth­ers, and take pic­tures along the way.

Worry about your port­fo­lio later.

this post was originally published at Being There by Jackson Couse

Author: jacksoncouse

Jackson Couse is a Canadian documentary photographer in New York City.

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