Abandoned Seaview Hospital on Staten Island, once the largest and most expensive tuberculosis sanatorium in the country. Desolate and decrepit.

And I thought of all the frivolous things we’ll leave behind when we pass away, the objects we’ve accumulated over a lifetime of living, covered in our fingerprints, endowed with meaning because they belonged to us…

And I thought of how the sun is still rising in our young lives, how we are all slowly growing into our skins and the horizon for our potential seems utterly limitless…

And I thought of how in our intimate circle of friends, we have yet to confront tragedy…the tragedy of the sort that’s a tectonic shift in our universe: illness, divorce, death…

What soon will come. How blessed we are to be young and among the living.

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  1. It’s difficult to find, because of security (a new hospital has been built adjacent to it which functions as a retirement home and physical therapy facility for the elderly) you have to enter via a trail in the backwoods of the Greenbelt (through the aptly named Bloodrot Valley) and sneak in via a hole in the fence. It’s not safe and I wouldn’t recommend going alone.

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