Postcard from Lima


Stone Bridge over the Rimac River

This post was published at mikefromperu in July of 2010

The Rimac River: turbulent as it cuts through downtown and modest neighborhoods with floods and bizarre findings. A postcard from Lima, written to a young man (literally) reads something like this:

Young Man:
Mike Fernandez Rivera.
Happy the days and years
But especially the day of August 9th
A day in which you gain a year of
happiness and wisdom.
May this day be joyful and may God
give you many years.
Your father Cesar Fernandez

Always remember your country.

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Mike Fernandez was born in Lima, Peru. ICP graduate in documentary and photojournalism. He has taught traditional black & white photography at Pratt Institute and collaborated with the NY Theatre Workshop, HERE Arts Center and Ontological Theatre in multi-channel video installations. He is currently an art and video editor at the environmental magazine Audubon. Lives in Brooklyn.

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