Thanksgiving in the projects of Bed-Stuy

I hope everybody had a great thanksgiving!
I myself decided to spend my very first thanksgiving with the Crossover community in Bed-Stuy. The day started with a nice lunch in the church, everybody from the community was there. I over ate and went then with my new friend Theron and his two kids from Crown Heights to see his aunt. It turned out that the uncle and aunt live in one of the big (and what I find kind of scary) project buildings. Ever since I moved out here I so wanted to get inside one of the housings and suddenly I found myself in the living room of one of the apartments on 7th floor of 303 Vernon Avenue.

Michelle lives here with her husband who wasn’t home for thanksgiving. Before I knew it I had become pretty drunk on Michelle’s Paul Masson Brandy. Photographing the family was very easy since they all needed photos of themselves on their facebook profiles.

Drunk and visually exhausted I travelled all the way to Alka’s place in East Harlem where we met up with a lot of ICP people and had turkey and all that. Great day, thanks to everybody that was involved in making my first thanksgiving a wonderful experience!



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