BUILT ~ a work in progress


“Nature is still alive in us, and that is why we feel we are in exile” ~ Patrice Some

This body of work is about the way we choose to live. It is an exploration of the disparity between the built environment and the natural environment and the tension and relationship between the two, with humanity standing in the crosshairs.

I want to document the way we have built our habitats and the spaces used for living and recreation, questioning the social viability of these structures and the isolation we are manufacturing with our walls, both from each other and also from our natural environment.

This is a view from the outside – a step back from the melee and a stark observation of the bizarre realities we have forged for ourselves that dictate our pathways of interaction. This is where we play. This is where we work. The private vs the public space.

Author: Ying Ang

Based between Melbourne, Singapore and New York, Ying Ang is a photographer of social anthropology and contemporary developments. Her interests lie in creating visual content for print, web and installation, exploring a range of formats, styles and creative collaborations. Ying has exhibited internationally in group and solo shows, in addition to working for clients such as The Wall Street Journal on editorial features. She has recently graduated as valedictorian for the 2009-2010 class of Documentary Photography and Photojournalism at The International Centre of Photography and is currently a participant in the Reflexions Masterclass of 2011-2012. Ying has lived and worked in and around Asia, Australia and North America, having pursued academic training in Communications and Political Science. She was awarded the Women in Photojournalism Award by the NPPA in 2009 and has recently exhibited her personal work at FotoGrafia Festival di Roma, Angkor Photo Festival 2010, and most recently at the Head On Festival 2011 in Sydney. Ying Ang is a member of the MJR photo collective, alongside Mustafah Abdulaziz, Matthew Craig, Julius Metoyer, Gareth Phillips and Brandon Thibodeaux.

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