On assignment: WSJ

I was sent on assignment with the Wall Street Journal to Binghamton, NY. The story (online version here) I was photographing for covered the emotional and financial aftermath of a brutal mass shooting that occurred at the American Civic Association in March, 2009.

After driving all night through a snow storm from New York City to this small, upstate town (with Talia – THANK YOU TALIA!!), I began to make my way through Binghamton making portraits of the place and the people whose lives were deeply and suddenly affected by the loss of their loved ones…

Classroom of the American Civic Association where the murders took place.
Andrew Baranowski, the Director of the American Civic Association.
Downtown Binghamton
David Marsland stands in front of his home carrying a photograph of his late wife.
Brother and sister, Hermanoschy Bernard and Valentina Bernard, from Haiti, lost their parents.
Omri Yigal lost his wife and is turning his home into a museum of remembrance for her and her life.
One of the counselling rooms at the Crime Victims Assistance Center, where sessions were conducted for the victims of the shooting.

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