3 thoughts on “Osheen. Quincy, California.”

  1. Hello – Could anyone explain to me the huge discrepancy between what my image looks like on the blog vs what it looks like when you click on it? Click on it, much more saturated…. the way I see it in my lightroom… why is this? Please someone help an old man out. -Talia

  2. I think, that there was some kind of error when you exported it from lightroom, so what you can try to do is to export it again, or, change the resolution somehow, or make any kind of change and export it again…

    But anyway, I’m not sure.


  3. i did some modifications in photoshop, resized it, and saved it on my desktop before I uploaded it on the blog — i also have the same problem with the images on my blog. ??? xo -Talia

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