Alfredo “El Perro” Angulo


Age:    27 (8-11-82)

Residence:  Coachella, California

Birthplace:  Mexicali, Baja Mexico

Record:  16 – 0 ,   13 KOs

Manager: Clemente Medina

In this frame the Boxer Alfredo Angulo hosts a press session and an open workout to the public.

He is the world champion lightweight 2008

PICTURE  MAKING     (Judit Levitt & Shaul Schwarz)

NEWS SHOT                       Oct . 16 . 2009                     Gleason’s Gym, 77 Front St., Brooklyn.

By Giacomo Perasti



GPerasti_NewsShot_Oct.16.09_3 Gperasti_NewsShot_Oct.16.09_4 Gperasti_NewsShot_Oct.16.09_5

Gperasti_NewsShot_Oct.16.09_6 Gperasti_NewsShot_Oct.16.09_7 GPerasti_NewsShot_Oct.16.09_8Gperasti_NewsShot_Oct.16.09_9 GPerasti_NewsShot_Oct.16.09_10jpg

Gperasti_NewsShot_Oct.16.09_11 GPerasti_NewsShot_Oct.16.09_12


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